KinderGeldfrom theGermanyGovernment

KinderGeldfrom theGermanyGovernment

Kindergeld is a unique system in German. It is children allowance from the Government of Germany, it helps to parents for raising children. And the amount is transferred into Bank Account of German.  The amount paid regardless of parent’s income, under this system, it is tax relief allowance for children and a tax-free allowance for child raising, vocational training and child-care. The law on this child benefit is under Income Tax Act and Federal Child Benefit Act.

Who can claim this Benefit?

  • Who living in Germany and have a child
  • Who has a valid permanent residence permit(for Foreign Citizens)
  • Grandchildren, if they live in your house
  • Foster children, if they live with you
  • Your Spouse’s children, if you took them to your house

How many children benefit you receive?

In the German Government, in the year of 2015, it paid over 39 billion euros for child allowance more than 16million children.

  • From 2017, 192 Euro – For having one or Two Child
  • 198 Euro – For having Three child
  • 223 Euro – For having more than Four Child

In 2018, the child benefit is increased by two euros. For first and second children 194 euros. For athird child it will be 200 euros. For fourth and more than it, the fund pays 225 euros.

Maximum Age of Child

The maximum age of the child is 18 for Kindergeld in Germany, and you continue until they reach 25, if children are still in school.

KinderGeldfrom theGermanyGovernment

Application Process

The application is available in Online. It must submit by respective family or a Child Benefit Office within writing.Mostly we recommend the details of yours familiarise including your responsibility and Family offices and your own rights in your submission form.

  1. Complete the Online application form and send the encrypted form to thefamily fund.
  2. Print the application and sign it
  3. Send the application by post