An overview of Fender Double Reverb

The fender twin reverb review is Fender’s modern-day take on the amp that specified audio. For lots of years the Double Reverb was THE amp to obtain if you desired loud and also effective tidy tones in a genuine offer plan. The fool was hefty as well as loud, yet if you desired that punchy and also clear tidy tone that might reduce with a course at a mile a note, the Double Reverb was your amp.

Lots of gamers will certainly locate the Double also unwise for daily usage, however if you obtain all your drive tones from pedals and also yearn for clearance, or if you are a post-rock gamer trying to find frozen sheets of tidy tone on which to construct greatly impacted sounds capes, after that it’s a superb selection.


Obtaining great audio out of this amp could be very easy or hard depending on where it is you are playing. That’s truly the twist with these amps and they do need a little bit of quantity to seem their ideal. The tone stack responds like a common Fender in some cases it could appear like the controls typically aren’t doing an entire great deal, yet that appears to be regular for these amps.


As much as this amp goes, it’s most definitely one of the premier tidy amps on the market. Fender truly obtained it right in 19, and also the good news is they handled to maintain that honesty for a lot of component on the initial amp. In brief, it’s an excellent appearing clear Fender amp that precisely recreates that sparkly as well as jangly, yet extremely complete bodied tidy audio of the ’60s as well as via to today.

An overview of Fender Double Reverb

Total Viewpoint

All in all I believe the fender twin reverb review is a rather amazing appearing amp. In brief, if you’re looking for a high power level and also really remarkable seeming amp that covers all your demands for a loud tidy tone, you could not go incorrect with a Double Reverb!