Meaning Of Different Colors of Roses

“The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.” The sheer beauty and elegance of roses are sure to delight your heart and fill it will immense love. The sweet fragrance of these enchanting blooms entice your soul and make you poetic from within.There are different meanings and thoughts attached to the different colors of roses.

So let’s have a look at the meaning of roses according to their colors.

Meaning Of Different Colors of Roses

Red Roses

The most popular and desirable color of rose that expresses love in a romantic manner. It is the ultimate symbol of enduring love and passion that you carry in your heart for your beloved. Be it the Valentine’s Day celebration, your first marriage anniversary or the birthday of your sweetheart, red roses are the classic choice to express love for your significant other.

 Meaning Of Different Colors of Roses


Pink Roses

Pink roses symbolize grace, elegance, and refinement that are considered the best expression of sweet and poetic love. Dark pink roses are perfect to express gratitude and appreciation towards the people who helped you during the tough time and light pink roses are excellent to express admiration and sympathy towards the suffering soul. You can get rose delivery online by placing an order at the florist shop.

Meaning Of Different Colors of Roses

White Roses

Representing purity, innocence, and virtue, white roses are often associated with young love. If you recently got married and want to convey your loyal love for your wife, then white roses are considered the best option. They are also known as the symbol of reverence and honor, which makes them fitting to pay your last goodbye to the departed soul.

Meaning Of Different Colors of Roses

Orange Roses

Just like their bright color, orange roses symbolize the strong feelings of desire, enthusiasm, and passion. If you are attracted towards someone special and want to express your admiration towards them, then send them a bouquet of fiery orange roses to convey your passionate message.

Yellow Roses

The very first sight of bright yellow flowers is sure to fill your heart with love and happiness. The excellent symbol of friendship, joy, and care, these flowers make the best gift for your best and lifelong buddy who always support you through the thick and thin of life. These blooms will offer him the joy and make his life cheerful.

Meaning Of Different Colors of Roses

After knowing the meaning of the different colors of roses, it will be really easy for you to choose flowers depending onyour feelings and relationship with the recipient. If you want other flowers, get it from BookMyFlowers.

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