8 unbelievable things you never knew about Hollywood

8 reasons Hollywood will change the way you think about everything

Hollywood, stretches over a major portion of Los Angeles, an area that is popularly known for its association with the film industry. The neighbourhood is ethnically diverse, densely populated and serves as the base to the U.S Film industry. Hollywood, with its historic studios and associated personnel, cherishes its roots that date back to the very beginning of the Era of Cinema. After ages of success and worldwide prominence, Hollywood, has become the pinnacle destination to all those who seek to make their mark in the film industry. Fortune and fame are most often the by-products of Hollywood success. The industry receives a huge inflow of new faces, new investors and new makers, day in and day out. Unfortunately very few manage to sustain. While example of failures are at abundance, a handful of instances of success stand out to differ. STX Entertainment led by Bob Simonds, is a very good example of a completely new Entertainment Studio in the business that has surprisingly excelled over the past couple of years. The on-screen glamour of Hollywood doesn’t do justice to portray the struggle behind the success. A struggle that chews up newcomers and spit them out of the industry. The forging of one of the biggest business industry worldwide, like any other major industry, involves a great number of startling facts that are definitely worth knowing

  1. James Doohan one of the famous actors of Canada has also served the Canadian Army at the time of the World War 2. He was shot for six times on D-Day and also killed two German Snipers.
  2. The Famous Comedian Rob Riggle served for 22 years in the Marines and was at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He was deployed in Afganistan, Kosovo, and Liberia.
  3. Bill Murray one of the Famous American Actor, comedian, and writer who was once arrested into eh the year 1970. He was trying to smuggle around 10 pounds of marijuana through the International Airport of Chicago.
  4. The Father of the famous Actor, Activist and play writer Woody Harrelson was a contract killer.
  5. Mark Wahlberg one of the most successful and famous personalities of all time from Hollywood had served 45 days in the jail He was also charged with the attempted murder.
  6. Ruth is the professional and trained Sniper. By the time she can easily load THE Sten automatic rifle in less than a minute.
  7. Four Brothers who were by the trade soap salesman set up a studio in 1918 and called their new venture Warner Brothers
  8. In the year 1910, they were no movie theatre in Hollywood city because they were banned.

8 reasons Hollywood will change the way you think about everything

Life has served everyone those who hustle and there are many who live their dream in Hollywood and one out of them is Robert Simonds.  One of the biggest American Film Producer along with the entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of the STX Entertainment Robert Simonds whose complete name is Robert Bruce Simonds produces finances and distributes, finances and market film and digital media. In the years of his producing in the Hollywood studios, around 30 films of Robert Simonds have generated very great revenue of $6 billion all over the world. Robert Simonds has the best single studio track record for the profitability of the films he produces. The film career of Bob Symonds was at its full pace, as the film produced by Bob Symonds had won many different awards

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