Exclusive Features of Windows 10 – Finest Windows OS Till Date

Exclusive Features of Windows 10 – Finest Windows OS Till Date

Revolution is always a part of the technology and internet. We are witnessing such wonders accomplishing by the developers in the web world. In term of beneficiary wonders, the windows 10 is the prime one as it offers so many exclusive features to the users. So, let’s check some of those.

Evolved Start Menu

Microsoft has been experimenting with its operating systems for the last two decades. The systems have evolved from Windows XP to the Windows 10. Between them, many new features have come and many of them extinct. In the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, the user can’t find the start menu on the desktop. But the developers have some reports of facing problem for this particular case. So, they have provided the start menu on the desktop in the Windows 10 OS.


The developers are trying to improve the Windows 10 features every day and they have developed such beautiful tools for our benefit. In term of these beneficiary tools, Crotana is undoubtedly the stand out element. It’s basically a part of the start menu and you can find some quick access features here. In an example, you may find the alarm, dictionary and show time schedule on this mini taskbar. The most interesting issue with its flexibility. You can remove any of these elements and replace that with another one.

Remote Desktop Access

Users sometimes face a few problems in this professional sectors. Most of the times they are able to fix the issues by themselves, but not every time they can do that. So, what is the solution? Yes, the ultimate solution is to seek some help from the colleagues. It may happen that your colleague has no time to leave his seat and see your PC to detect the problem. Hence, you can use the remote desktop softwares like AeroAdmin to convey the problem to your colleague by sharing the access to your PC with him.

Microsoft Edge

We have faced several problems with the internet explorer in our PCs. Sometimes the sessions get expired while doing some important task. The system also becomes very slow and the chance of attacking malicious files is very high in term of using this browser. It has been the inbuilt browser for the Windows operating systems from the start. But after some serious allegations, Microsoft has decided to remove this browser from the system facility. They have implied a new and exclusive browser named Microsoft Edge which far more efficient than the previous one.

Multiple Desktops

Exclusive Features of Windows 10 – Finest Windows OS Till Date

It happens many times that you’re working with so many tabs altogether on your PC. In this case, your system can get slow a bit or you can puzzle with so many tabs on the taskbars. Since we all need a swift shifting from one tab to another, Windows 10 has come out with a new feature of multiple desktops. In this feature, you can have more than one desktop tab at once. So, you can now select the tab easily with increased visibility. We just have to press the windows and tab button together to enjoy this benefit.

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